Chef de Projet Ecommerce, Mobile et UX

Simon Wyckaert, couteau suisse digital en télétravail et travail hybride. // Statut : Disponible

Bonjour depuis Genève, Suisse. Je travaille principalement en télétravail🏡 partout en Europe, à temps plein ou partiel. Je peux travailler sur site 1 jour/semaine maximum (2 autour de Genève).

Exemples de mandats : chef de projet, chef de programme, product owner, chef de produit, business analyst, change manager, responsable transformation numérique, responsable expérience utilisateur, formateur, customer success manager....

Ecommerce, Mobile & UX Project Manager

Simon Wyckaert, digital Swiss army knife doing remote and hybrid work. // Status : Available

Hello from Geneva, Switzerland. I mainly work from home🏡 throughout Europe, full or part time. I can work on site 1 day/week maximum (2 around Geneva area).

Examples of mandates: projet manager, program manager, product owner, product manager, business analyst, change manager, digital transformation manager, customer experience manager, trainer, customer success manager...

Remote Project Manager

How do I work?

👉 Initialization: I will start the mandate on your site, for up to 1 month. This way, I will get to know your teams and the background of the project.
👉 Execution: Full remote or 4+1 (4 days of remote work and 1 day on-site). To bond with the rest of the team and address critical points.
👉 Communication: Typically, Slack or MS Teams are used to exchange with the project team and stakeholders. But the phone and WhatsApp can be used to.
👉 Methodology: Agile Scrum (meaning daily standup, sprints, retrospective…) is preferred but I can adapt. Most big companies will use a mix of Agile and Waterfall methodologies.
👉 Some tools I like to use: Jira, Confluence, Sharepoint, Google Workplace, Zoom… but really any tool that you use already; we don’t mean to reinvent the wheel.

What’s in it for you?

👉 You get a senior PM for a smaller price.
👉 Full or part time? It's up to you, depending on your need and budget.
👉 It's « RemSical »: part remote, part on-site (physical). Lower rate for days of remote work.
👉 You will get clear dashboards, deliverables and deadlines to optimally monitor your project.
👉 We accept payments in EUR, CHF, USD and GBP.

Why should you choose me?

👉 I have 16+ years of remote work experience, with clients such as Bayer, Nestlé and L’Occitane… plus the COVID pandemic 💉
👉 I've managed off and near-shore teams in India and Eastern Europe.
👉 I'm bilingual French & English… with a spice of Spanish.
👉 I master the best collaborative tools for remote teams (Trello, Slack, Zoom…).
👉 I can set up a whole team quickly from my database and network (3500+ LinkedIn contacts).
👉 I'm the result of 20+ years of experience in digital (ecommerce, mobile, UX, marketing) and IT.

Scope of intervention

👉 100% remote work: Anywhere in the world.
👉 Partial remote work: Europe (as long as I have direct flight or train).

Freelance Platforms

Below are some of the freelance platforms on which you can find me:



Below are some of the clients I worked with:

tag heuer
audemars piguet
l'occitane en provence
finch ppc
page group - michael page


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